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Compiling Personal Notes for Android use.

What are the steps required in compiling one's personal notes so that they can be eventually added to the Android OLB? Can the notes file be edited on Windows OLB after it has been compiled as a module?



Through this link:

This is the link to download the APPS:

you should discover the assistance that you may need. The help function is located in the upper right hand of its window. I am not even aware if that site has a forum to assist you all in this. The men that could have assisted you in this have not visited this forum/site since the change over to this new format. I have not compiled any modules so I will not be of any help to you at all in this. Open or load OLB then under the Help Menu, explore the tutorials or help files.

Thanks for the response David.

I have in the past successfully linked my notes to the Android version of OLB. The instructions provided  at the link you added are quite good yet I am concerned that there seems to be little if any direct connection in the help material between the Windows & Android versions. Are the two administrations in full sync or operating somewhat independently?

In particular I have not read clear instruction as to whether my notes, when compiled, can later be edited. That is, as I add further notes to my notes while studying, do I "re-compile" my notes before adding them to my Android devices?


The first thing you should do is re-name your notes. Do this by going to “Tools – User Module Tools – Define user material”.  Select your notes in the name section.  Go to the utilities tab section and type in the new name (or use the default name) and start it with an underscore "_" for example "_MyPersonalNotes".  Click on rename.

Now when you compile the notes you will have two notes sets – one that is uncompiled and named “_MyPersonalNotes”. The complied notes set will be named “MyPersonalNotes”.

When you add to your notes go to the note set named “_MyPersonalNotes” and make your changes. After you have made your changes recompile your notes. The notes set named “MyPersonalNotes” (not with an underscore) will then be the note set that you will be able to view but not edit and can use on your Android.

Thank you, Ken.



Greetings all;

Again, Ken Martin, thanks for your previous help. I now have my notes updated, compiled and transferred to my Android devices.

Now another, puzzle for me. Without being able to explain how it has unfolded to be, I have my latest note set and a previous one as well.  Two different note files. As best as I can tell the only snag I have and will have going forward is using the "see note ..." statement which some of my older notes already have. The statement points to the original name of my notes and not the new name. Hope that is clear enough to understand.

Is there some way I can fix this? Can I change my new notes file name to the old notes file name? Is there a way to blend the new notes with the original note file?

Thanks again for any help that may come.






There is a way - but it is complicated! Before you do anything backup all your notes sets to a safe place in case something goes wrong. Please note that both notes set must not be compiled.

What you have to do is export one of the uncompiled notes sets (select the smallest one) as an .exp file  by selecting "Batch Output Mode". Export to a location on your hard drive that you can find. I have a directory named "tmp" that I use. After exporting rename the file to  the name of the other note set.

Example 2 notes sets - one named "_MyNewNotes" and and a second named "_MyOriginalNotes". Export using Batch Output Mode  (after backing up) the note set "_MyNewNotes" and you will get a file named "_MyNewNotes.exp". Rename this file to "_MyOriginalNotes.exp" .

Now open the Import window and under action select both "Append" and "Batch Input Mode". These two MUST be selected for the process to work. All the other items should be obvious - Note set name, from directory etc. leave the range empty.

As I previously stated it is complicated but it will work.


Will give this a try. Thanks again!