Unicode Version 4

Why Unicode?

By converting to Unicode we are able to display text in other languages such as Arabic, Russian, Ukraine, Vietnamese etc. and not have to include the fonts with the module. The new Unicode version will run all existing version 2 modules except those which contain a file.

The version 4 (starting with 3.99) has had massive internal changes so that it will now support Unicode. Because of this change the program is NO LONGER backwards compatible and you will not be able to use it with the version 1 CD material.

If you are using version 2 and wish to update first install version 3 (at the bottom of our programs page). This will prepare the material on your hard drive to accept the Unicode program. If you are running Windows 98 DO NOT update to the Unicode version. Use version 3.

Other News

Our CD sales have dropped off dramatically in the last year and this is our only source of income. We would be REALLY GRATEFUL to you if you would purchase our latest DVD.

We have released the new Online Bible for Windows on DVD with all the material from this web site and much more. The disc contains more than 30 English Bible versions including the New King James Version, The Message, The Holman Christian Standard Version and The English Standard Version.

In addition to all of the ready to use material there are several versions that require royalty payment to unlock, notably NIV, NAS, NRSV, NLT and Amplified. It also contains 10 ancient language texts (Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Syriac), 3 sets of Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, 20 Dictionaries, 45 commentaries and more than 350 Devotional, Theological, Historical and Creationist books as well as the set of Bible maps. In addition to all that, the DVD includes more than 400 Bible versions, Commentaries, Lexicons and Books in 35 other languages. - Only $39.95

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Updated/New Material

We are no longer listing added or updated material to this news page. To check for the latest modules download the Internet update list and install. After installing go to the program menu under "Help - Check for Module Updates". All modules you do not have installed or need to be updated will be listed.

Download Module List Update.

User Sent Material

We have added a section to our site reserved for material sent to us by users.

This material may be topics, commentaries or books. Modules should not be compiled and may not contain any errors. If invalid tokens or other errors are found we will send you the error list and request that you make the corrections. We do not have the time to do the corrections for you. If the module compiles error free we will post it. We strive to maintain the same high standards that we have set for the official material we create.

We reserve the right to refuse any material that we consider inappropriate.