Foreign Language

Foreign Language Material

Multi-Language Package – Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Select the language of your choice during the installation. Please note that the language you select cannot be changed after the installation is completed. You will have to uninstall the program and then re-install to select a different language.

Date: January 1, 2023
Size: 18.64 MB

Module Packages for the Multi-language Program

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Dutch module package73.94 MBDownload
French module package56.04 MBDownload
German module package43.41 MBDownload
Italian module package3.63 MBDownload
Portuguese module package9.26 MBDownload
Russian module package23.23 MBDownload
Spanish module package49.57 MBDownload

Miscellaneous Foreign Language Modules

DescriptionDate:Size:Download Module
The 1994 Albanian Bible2015/08/311.86 MB ALB
1962 Ethiopian Amharic Bible2009/05/071.81 MB Amharic62
1987 Ethiopian Amharic Bible2010/01/092.07 MB Amharic87
Arabic Bible Text2010/07/131.66 MB Arabic
Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari2010/01/091.65 MB BIS
1982 Philippine Cebuano Bible2010/01/111.83 MB Cebuano
Versiunea Cornilescu 1923 Romanian Bible2010/08/281.81 MB Cornilescu
1919 Chinese Union Version2010/01/111.66 MB CUV
Fidela Cluj Romanian Version - Dr. Brian J. Nibbe, Sr.2014/04/281.80 MB Fidela
Gdansk 1910 - Polish Bible2010/01/111.94 MB Gdansk
Glory New Punctuation Union Version Of Chinese Bible2010/01/111.66 MB GNPU
Creole Bible (Haiti)2010/01/111.68 MB Creole
Karoli Bible - Hungarian2010/01/111.97 MB Karoli
Mayan Kekchi Bible2010/01/112.41 MB Kekchi
Bibli Svata 1613 - Czech Bible2010/01/111.95 MB Kralicka
Kitabi Mukaddes - Turkish Bible2010/01/111.84 MB Kitabi Mukaddes
2009 Maori Bible (New Zealand)2010/01/111.02 MB Maori
Modern Greek Bible2010/01/111.93 MB MGreekM
Modern Unaccented Greek Bible2010/01/111.83 MB MGreekU
1966 Le Sainte Bible en Sango2013/03/061.40 MB Sango
Shuar of Equador New Testament2010/01/11575 K Shuar
1917 SVENSKA (Swedish)2022/02/131.89 MBSVENSKA1917
1994 Terjemahan Baru (Indonesia)2010/01/111.73 MB TB
Turkish New Testament2010/01/11576 K TKV
1930 Ivan Ogienko Ukrainian Bible2010/01/111.90 MB Ukraine
1934 Vietnamese Bible2010/01/111.80 MB Viet