Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer the program and all settings, to a new computer?
  1. Install the starter pack on your new computer.
  2. Copy the folder named “Desktops” under your “\Documents\Bible” folder to the same folder on the new computer.
  3. Copy the “user.ini” file in the “\Documents\Bible” folder to the new computer.
  4. Copy all the contents in the “\Public\Documents\Online Bible” to your new computer.
  5. Start up the OLB program on your new computer and click on the wrench icon in the upper right to reset the program.
During the set-up, the installer does not allow me to choose where to install the data files. The box is greyed out.

Microsoft security will not allow that. It must be where it is specified. Otherwise do a memory stick install to a place where you
have R/W access to.

I have purchased the latest Online Bible DVD. How do I install it?

Use the following steps to transfer the data from the DVD –

  1. Reset the Online Bible by clicking on the wrench icon in the upper right. Close the Online Bible program.
  2. Insert your DVD into the tray. If AutoPlay starts cancel it or “Take no Action” if using Windows 10.
  3. Start the Online Bible program and select “Install DVD on the hard drive…” when the
    Configure User System window appears.
  4. Press the enter key for all the next dialogue boxes that open.
  5. After the Online Bible program is running remove the DVD. Restart the Online Bible program without the DVD.
The Audio Bible does not work with Windows 10. What is wrong?

Windows no longer supports the audio file format we were previously using (DSP wave files). The Audio Bible has now been converted to MP3 and is included at no extra charge on our DVD.

The program page states that I should not use the new program with my older CD. What options do I have?
  1. Purchase the latest DVD. You will get all the material we have available including some not posted on this site.
  2. Download the starter pack and any add-on material you want to use. You will have to completely remove your previous version before installing.
  3. Continue using your older CD along with the older program.
I downloaded and installed a module from this site. After installing I cannot find the material. Where is it?

Press F9 to open the selection preferences window and look for the material in one of the tab sections. If it is a book/topic it will be listed in that section. Be sure a check mark is in front of it. Click on OK to save and close. Open the material by going to the menu under “File – Open”.
All items are available under “File – Open – Passage, Topic/Book, Dictionary… etc.”.

Why is the “Open New Window” greyed out when I go to open a Bible passage?

Go to “Window” in the menu and select any style except “Tile Classic”.

I lost my desktop after installing the update. How do I get it back?

After you have the program set up the way you want it, press F6 to open the desktop manager. Create a new desktop giving it a unique name. Next time you update the program press F6 to open the desktop manager and re-select your previously created desktop.

I have installed the Red letter Edition Bible and the words of Jesus are in green! What is wrong?

Go to the menu and click on “Tools – Customise Settings”. Click on the colours tab section. Next click on the highlight button and select the colour red. Click on OK to close the colour dialog box and then click on OK to close and activate.

Not all the Scripture references I copied into the clipboard were pasted into my word processor. What is wrong?

There is a copyright restriction imposed on modern Bibles and affects all Bibles. 500 verses is the limit.

The Online Bible Strongs is not the same as my Exhaustive Strongs Concordance. Why is that?

We used the Strong’s system but the actual Greek and Hebrew to implement the numbers. By doing this we corrected about 15000 errors in the Strong’s concordance.

What material is not posted on this site and is available on DVD only?

The following Bibles are on DVD only—
• New King James Version (NKJV)
• English Standard Version (ESV)
• Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
• Revised Standard Version (RSV)
• 1851 Murdock New Testament
• Philips New Testament (1972)
• The Message Bible by Eugene Peterson – 2002

Notes sets—
• Matthew Commentary – G. vd Brink
• Calvin’s Commentaries
• John Gill’s Expositor
• John Trapp’s Commentary
• Adam Clarke’s Commentary

• 2006 Smith’s Revised Bible Dictionary
• Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT)
• Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of OT & NT (User Sent)

The Online Bible used to have three modules by Jay Green. What happened to them?

Jay Green withdrew permission for us to use them.

Does the Online Bible have the Hebrew text with vowel points, or parsed, or with the accents?

Yes, it is available now that we have converted to Unicode. Hebrew modules with pointed text are available only on our DVD.

What is the original publication date of the “Treasury of Scripture Knowledge”?

1836. Our Online Bible copy has been altered to add about 100 K more of references.

Who authored the definitions in the Online Bible lexicon?

Larry Pierce wrote them based on Brown Driver Briggs and Thayers. We compared them with several other lexicons also. In doing the  lexicons we found the newer lexicons were less accurate than the older ones.

Will you be adding the Geneva Bible to the Online Bible?

The text is old English and difficult to read. The translation is very close to 1611 text. We have no plans to include it.