How to Activate Locked Material

Open the Online Bible program and click on "Tools > Activate Locked Material".

A dialogue window will open up as shown.

1. Enter your user name.
2. Click on the version you want to activate.
3. Enter the six digit access code you were given.
4. Click on OK to activate.

Problems with unlocking versions.

No versions are listed.

Check the following.
• The locked version has not been installed. Download the locked version and run the file to install.
• If you are using the OLB CD be sure the CD is in the drive when you start the program.
• The version was previously unlocked.
• You have upgraded the program and cannot find the locked version.
• Press F9 and go to the versions tab section. See if the locked version is listed.

A message displaying "Invalid Access Code or Error Reading CD" is displayed.

• Check that the CD is OK. Go to "My Computer" and click on the CD-Rom drive. You should be able to read the contents.
• Did you enter the correct registered name? Used your middle initial? Verify that the name is correct.
• Check that the code is entered as you received it. There should be (6) six digits. Sometimes numbers get transposed. Double check.

If you cannot get the unlock code to work send us:
– your registered name
– the unlock code
– which version you are unlocking

Please note—
We do not give out unlock codes, only verify that they are correct. To purchase the unlock code please go to our orders section. Click here.