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What is this section for? — Missing hyperlinks

There are occasions where we've missed to code the hyperlinks.

Word Definitions

The most common are references to Greek or Hebrew words in the lexicon.  Here is a reference from Ruth 4:3 for the WBT released on 19-Aug-2021 (end of second paragraph)

The word "brother" (ACH’0251) is not to be understood in any narrow sense. Strong says that this is a primitive word, used in the widest sense of literal relationship as kindred. The Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon states that the word implies a relative, kinship, of the same tribe.

This can be improved to

The word "brother" (ACH’ See definition 0251) is not to be understood in any narrow sense…. etc.

Scripture references

If you come across any scripture references that aren't accessible by a click / touch, let us know here.

Page references

There are times when you will read "see page xx" or "see comments at xxx" … and they are not hyperlinked, let us know here, and I'll research this further so that they can be improved.