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Vine's Dictionary on its own, or in a bundle.

How do I get "Vine's Dictionary" on its own, or in a bundle?

Bob, it would seem this forum is overly active! Seriously, it's sad no one even gave you a response one way or the other. Unfortunately, the way the site is set up, it gives zero instructions as how to get a particular dictionary (Vines).

I know I have it but it's been so long since I've got it on here, I've forgot how I did it. Maybe if you wrote Larry Pierce, you might get a response from him.

We do have the Vine's dictionary (a user made module) but originally
did not post it because of copyright issues. The copyright has changed
and it is now available. We looked over the copy we have and it is an
abridged copy - a lot of material is missing including Hebrew words.
Larry has decided to hold of making it available through the web site.
If you have our DVD it will be on it.

Gary Gallant is currently working on converting the original dictionary
but it is a massive job (about 1600 pages) and will take time to complete.

The Vine dictionary has been completed from the letters A to O. Download from the user sent material section of the site.