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Purchase-Check out page

Hi I am trying to buy the dvd and NAS key. All is good til I click checkout. I am using Firefox 69.02. It is flagging the checkout page as unsafe because of "Unknown Issuer"

I tried other other merchants at and they all were accepted.

Ah, Dear Sir, This is not a software problem. This is an issue with the ordering process from Cross Country Software. You will have to contact them at:

Ordering Information

For prices, ordering DVDs, downloads or unlock codes please go to the secure ordering site listed below. You will be leaving our site.

Cross Country Online Store

If you have a problem with an order please contact Dave Pohl by telephone at -
Canada (1-905-632-2266)
USA (1-716-513-8682)


  Do not contact us. We will not be able to help you with any orders.