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Personal notes not displayed.


Greetings all;

This post is going to be lengthy in that I am including an email exchange with Larry via the olbsupport address. I was unable to catch Larry via phone as he requested before he left on the 8th so I'm hoping that someone will have both the patience to read through the email copies and ability to provide a solution to the problem. The following are the email notes from Larry's responses to me [my text is that preceded by the '<' symbol in each of the 2 exchanges];

Online Bible <>
Jan 5 at 6:48 PM
> Updated to 5.5 this evening and since then have lost/can't see any
> personal notes that I have made the last few weeks even those made
> earlier this evening. The notes were in  _Notes.
> Thanks!
> Stu Thompson
They are there. Press F3, Favourites and Commentaries and click on the
title of _Notes to select it and make it the default note set. I suggest
you make a special desktop for all your own settings. Press F6 to bring
up desktop menu and Click on Help.
.. larry
Online Bible <>
To:Stuart Thompson
Jan 7 at 10:31 AM
> Larry;

> Thanks for the response. Strangely 'F' keys do not interact with
> OLB. I am able to open the Library via mouse and cursor and select
> the various items as needed in Favorites. Selecting '_Notes' and
> "unselecting" other note sets still did not make my recent notes
> visible. I can confirm the content of the notes through File
> Explorer using Microsoft's Word Pad. But for some reason the content
> does not display in OLB.

> Thanks again!

> Stu T

This makes no sense. Either call me and give me your phone number and I
will call you back. Do it ASAP. We will be away until March starting Jan 8.

Do your function keys work with any other programs? One way to check is by opening a browser and press F5 to refresh the page. If you are using a laptop there may be a way to lock or unlock the function keys. Also some newer computers have a bios setting to change the function keys.

Did you try resetting the Online Bible program? Click on the wrench icon in the upper right tool bar.

Have you located your notes yet?  Hint: look at the VERY TOP of the list in the favourites commentary section.  Program quirk− uncompiled material is listed first in the favourites.


Once again, thanks for your attention on the forum. Re. F5 if I hold down the Fn key on my laptop and press F5 a small window pops up telling me about an error re bookmarks & to right click on the page to add a bookmark at the first verse of the window. But Fn & F3 opens the library window on the left side where you select re. bibles, commentaries etc.

But to the question re my notes as I pointed out to Larry, I can go to File Explorer in Windows, Documents, Bible and go into my note files. I looked for a recent date of a note that I had made and found one. I was able to open that note with Word Pad and then locate the specific note in the various ones displayed. The content of the note is there and this is the heading for that verse note; 

00040-Mt2.15 <2020/01/01 18:14>

Now when I go to that passage in OLB, put my cursor at the verse, right click to open the options window, cursor on Open Note, there is no 'check mark' at my notes. But I click on it and the notes window opens below the Bible window as usual and there is no note content displayed. Among other notations in the info bar across the top of the Note Window it includes <Matthew 2:15@40> as if to indicate that OLB knows there is a note, but nothing is shown. 

There are other notes that I had made in days shortly before updating OLB to 5.5 and they also can be found via the same procedure but are now not displaying in OLB. In "despiration" I tried reverting to 5.4 but there was no improvement and have gone back to 5.5.

Like Larry said in the notes  I included in my original post, this makes no sense. Anything you can add?


You are missing an important point - did you locate and select the notes in the favourites - commentaries section? Look at the uploaded file.

Uploaded files:
  • favourites.PNG

Sorry for not mentioning that. Yes, I have selected my notes. I should add due to various circumstances over the years I have ended up with three versions of them. And another confession, you gave me directions some time ago re. blending the files and I haven't done it yet.  🙁

And now a note of embarrassment. I miss read Larry's 'F3' as 'F5' so of course you can ignore my comments re the Fn keys.  🙂






Hope my 'screenshot' posts. If so, note how "_Notes" tab is highlighted but nothing is displayed. The other 3 tabs all have the note contents shown. "_Notes" is the default window that opens when I proceed to edit "Notes" or add a new note on a passage. It looks like none of my notes will display in this tab, even ones from long ago that appear in the other tabs.  :-/

Uploaded files:
  • OLB-note-display-issue.jpg

Try rebuilding the index for the notes.  In the menu click on "Tools - User Module Tools - Define User material". Select the name and then go to the "Utilities" tab section. Click on "Rebuild Index".


Again, thanks for the response. I did the 'rebuild index' for '_Notes' and it didn't improve. Rather it seems to have eliminated a lot of material. I'm more confused than ever. In the Commentaries Favorites the file 'Notes - Stuart's Personal Notes' is no longer displayed.

As I had mentioned before I can go into File Explorer and look for notes with a recent date, open them with Word Pad yet they are not found from within OLB.

I have no further suggestions/info. Of course I am regretting not having blended the different note sets previously but still it is strange to me that the default for editing a note or making a new one is '_Notes' yet a large portion of most recent notes and even more than just the last few weeks is no longer available there.

All for now;







What I would do (if it was my notes), I would export the notes set as a .exp file and then look at it with a text editor to see if all my notes are there.

If it looks OK I would back up all the notes sets I have for safe keeping to a thumb drive and then delete the note set(s) using the OLB program under "Tools - Delete Items from the hard drive" in the menu.  Next create a new notes set, re-name the .exp file to the same name as the notes set and then import the file into my new notes set.

Information on how to do the above is documented in the program helps.