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NIV 1984

I bought the NIV 1984 module several years ago.  It is now difficult to get electronic versions of this anymore.  I still have the unlock code for the 1984 NIV.  If I update the software will it remove the 1984 NIV or will I still be able to use it?   thank you 

You will not lose any material, including unlocked modules, when you update the program.

The 1984 NIV is still available on our DVD/thumb drive. 

You are very correct for mechanically, even when installing an update, when it cycles to the  "configuring" dialogue box, the developers have compose the program to 'recognize' even the unlocked material. So, this is not a waste of our time, and/or although this package is a wise investment for study material, even regretfully the attitude we may sometimes have towards mammon.