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Gals and Guys,

As we make attempts to assist you all, we would appreciate that in your initial post on each issue, that you would, please, note the latest version number of OLB you possess or are using and its date, and explicitly what version of Windows this issue is occurring on. For example: OLB Version, 3 June 2019, Windows 10 PRO, and the model number of the computer you are using.

Also, in order for us to assist you all with any of the other mechanics of OLB we need to be able to duplicate and/or replicate the issue or problem you are having. So, please include in your outline: the passage, module name from its tab you are working with, and Possibly if the issue involves a button on the toolbar or a function in a Menu? We may also need an explicit step by step description in OLB of what you are attempting to do. If you are trying to compile a module, I will not be able to assist you in that.

Respectfully submitted and I, am,

In Christ,