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Literal Translation

I have the latest Program Update, running on a quite new HP desktop computer, Windows 10 (up to date, too). I just reinstalled the "Englishman's Literal Translation" coded with Strongs' numbers. In neither Old or New Testament does any text show up when Literal is chosen as a parallel Bible.  I created a desktop with the Literal as the default version, then text does show up only in some books: (Psalms, but not Ezekiel.) Can this inconsistency be overcome? Or is it simply because not all books are so available yet?

Second, where can I get a guide for this translation, to understand the use of %, & and italics?

Thank you

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As you wait for a more technical answer, what I am aware of is that the % and the & could be coding markers. What I also understand is that in any final release coding markers are not supposed to show up when accessed.

Now, the italicized words could be like in the AU, King James version. Italics were or are put in there by the translators or composers to possibly explain the text. I handle italics as commentary. Here again, as in the AU, where an italic appears I will sometimes substitute my own word in there that makes more sense to me.

Lots of information on the Analytical page-