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Interlinear and Hebrew

In the past it was possible to have a Hebrew text (such as BHc) as one of the interlinear lines, so together with e.g. AV and RWebster. But that is now no longer possible. When defining interlinear in the favorites, the BHc can be selected, but results in a blank line. When selecting interlinear with the right mouse button, the BHc is not available to select. When I start with a Hebrew text, the interlinear option is not shown (right mouse button).

Is there a reason why this is no longer possible? I am using version 5.70.

I think that you may be correct in your observation concerning how translations in the past appeared in the Passage Window. and that involved in how OLB displayed Parallel Versions in the same window. I am using 5.75, June 8th version, and if not the only way, until The Webmaster or Brother Pierce could give a more definitive answer, you could possibly explore the Print functions. So, click on the print icon then explore the check boxes and the tabs.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, when I use the print option, I do see the passage, including Hebrew text, in parallel. However, this is not really practical when using it in studies, including Strong numbers and lexicons. In the past the Hebrew was also shown in the same window, but I don't know with which software version this possibility was removed.

Did you manage to get a reply from Larry?

Ah, thank you for the reminder but any reply either from the Webmaster, Brother Larry, or any of the other Developers, to our scenario would appear here in Forum.