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Forum Registration

If  you have registered to this site but have never logged in at least once you will be removed. We have had a number of spammers registering and we are cleaning up our user list.

Also if there has not been any activity with your account for the last 2 years you will be removed.


Other than you, since this new format has been established, and deleted past threads from the old sites, it looks like we are the only ones with any activity whatsoever. And since we are the only ones with almost any activity, how can there be any spamming? And since the APPS were developed we even lost Mike and Gary.

As intended you do not see any spammers on the site front-end. They are trying to log in mainly for 2 reasons:

  • to try to gain access to the back-end of the site and create havoc by editing pages or even shutting down the site.
  •  to post advertising and/or pornography to the forum.

By having a 2 step registration they are stopped. after you sign up an email is sent to you and you have to reply. If you do not reply you will not be registered.  Most spammers are not using a valid e-mail address and are not completing the registration.  We have to "clean up" after them as a record is kept of their activity.

There are numerous attempts ( well over 100 per day) to log-in to the administration side of the site. We use a very secure password and we also have changed the standard Wordpress default login name "admin" to something else.

I have no idea where everyone went. It has been a long time since anyone has sent us any "user created" modules.