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Creating a Module, attempting to Import File, but Ok & Exit is grayed out.

I have probably created 15 modules in the past, but I must admit that it has been about 12 years since I have done so.

I have my text document named with the extension .Exp (I have attached a screen shot). No matter what I do the OK & Exit remain grayed out.

I am sure that it is something incredibly simple. What am I forgetting???

Michael Holliday


Uploaded files:
  • ScripturallySpeaking.png

Place your exp file into a working directory ( I use a directory named "Modules"). Make sure the exp file has exactly the same name as the module is named (_Burke_ScripturallySpeaking.exp). Click on the browse button to locate the file. The OK button should be available once the correct file is located.


Can I send you copies of what I am working on to perhaps see what I am doing wrong? You email me at

It just makes my head hurt since I use to think that creating basic modules were so easy.

Mike Holliday


Send your material to the site webmaster. The e-mail address is .