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Adding a Bible version

Ladies & Gentlemen

I am using Online Bible version 3.9.10y.36

I would like to be able to add the Vulgate Bible to the versions that I can view (currently only KJV, BHM, BHS).

I have copied VULG and VULGA to the Online Bible folder on my hard disc from the CD-Rom but I can't see how to add to the versions that I can access.

I would also like a copy of the User Manual that works on OS 10.6.8 - the one on the CD needs "Classic" which my Mac Pro 3.1 doesn't have; can anybody provide that please?

I look forward to hearing from somebody and thank you, in anticipation, for your assistance.

MC Black

From your previous posts it appears that you have been using Windows.

Is your 3.9.10y.36 disc Mac or Win?

In any case, you have not installed the whole disc to your hard drive, you should have dozens of versions available including the Vulgate. Perhaps you have only  downloaded a Starter Pack.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I apologise for NOT writing clearly

I am using a Mac Pro 3.1 running OS 10.6.8

The CD is  marked Classic  CD-Rom Macintosh version 3.0

Since I do NOT have access to the User Manual, I can NOT discover how to add other versions

The disc has 656 Mb - so I don't want to fill up my Hard Drive by installing versions that are unlikely to be useful to me.

With best wishes and thanks again.

MC Black