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    For the most part this is an experiment to determine the maximum size of a file we may be able to attach to a topic.
    If you hover over a Strong’s Number for the definition for Hebrew words in the Old Testament in the pop up window you will notice a notation as this:
    For the word God in Genesis 1:1:
    0430 ????? ‘elohiym el-o-heem’
    plural of 0433; n m p; [BDB-43a] {See TWOT on 93 @@ “93c”}
    BDB is a Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, more commonly known as Brown–Driver–Briggs or BDB (from the name of its three authors) is a standard reference for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, first published in 1906. It is organized by (Hebrew) alphabetical order of three letter roots. It was based on the Hebrew-German lexicon of Wilhelm Gesenius.
    If you are able to download the attached PDF file you will have to determine and discover your own method in how you navigate to the page number in BDB.
    David In Omaha.

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