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    For future reference:

    From the Menu Bar
    1. Click on File
    2. Come down and highlight Open
    3. Move mouse over, highlight, and click on Definitions.
    4. Highlight and click on GrkEng – Online Bible Greek Lexicon
    5. Enter Strongs number in the Definition Number field then
    6. Click OK.
    To distinguish the Greek definition from the Hebrew; Strong’s numbers in the Hebrew have to have a “zero” at the front of its number. For example: Gen 1:1 In the beginning <07225> God <0430> created <01254> (8804) <0853> the heaven <08064> and <0853> the earth <0776>. for the word God, His number here would be entered as 0430.
    And of course, as you performed in the previous operation for the Greek, for the Hebrew you would have to highlight and click on HebEng then proceed as before.

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