How exactly do I update to 4.31? I see nothing

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    I have problems with the online Bible program I purchased. The worst problem is that I almost ALWAYS have to execute a search (for words or phrases in the Bible) TWICE, each time starting all over again including having to bring the search screen up AGAIN. So I am thinking MAYBE that glitch is fixed if there is an update. AND it appears there IS an update 4.31 But I see NOTHING and no way to effect that?? Even as a topic search in this forum NOTHING comes up for anything I try to search for….even simply entering “4.31” am I the only lame person using Online Bible? I’m about ready to abandon Online Bible which is a pity because it long ago it worked SO well! I don’t understand how a product can be continually “improved” and yet not work nearly as well as it did 20 years ago? Is it because of the operating systems or what? This world is so cursed I think …nothing is right with anything! AGGGGHHHHHH!

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