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    I am trying to help someone install the OLB on their Windows 7 Home Premium desktop.
    When installing version 5.00.03 I get an error message. This occurs on a clean install of the OLB (all old data wiped: program, modules, my docs) and shows already before the screen with the location to install information. The error is “MakeDir: Invalid Directory name <>“. Refer attachment Error. But pressing OK does allow me to continue. The screen with file locations then appears, but does not show the standard locations. The shared file is shown as c:Shared. I can change these to the standard locations and continue, but then the same error is shown and installation stops. The few files which are installed are in the locations specified manually.
    I think this is a Windows problem, not OLB, but I would still like any background information that would help i.e. which directory is the system trying to make. I did notice the standard “My documents” and “Public” were not set up as part of the library documents, but I corrected that. I also tried creating a new user, and got the same result.
    Any suggestions what could be happening?

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