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    I have the latest update,  In the Keil & Delitzsch commentary, the Hebrew words are displayed in Arabic characters.  How do I get them shown in Hebrew, please?




    that wont’t work. The Hebrew in english translated K-D is correct written as one would read it. If you need it in Hebrew letters you could click on the Strongs’s No always indicated and can read it in HebEng in original Hebrew.

    Here is a copy of a passage from Ge1:1

    in v. 1, as the primary foundation upon which they rest. bªreeshiyt{ see definition 07225?} (in the beginning) is used absolutely, like en{ see definition 1722?} archee’{see definition 746?} in Joh 1:1, and meeree’shiyt{ see definition 07225?} in Isa 46:10.

    In Original German K-D that looks like:



    Danke schön, Wolbi.  Ich kann mich nicht mehr erinnert, weshalb ich diese Frage gefragt hat.  :/


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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