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    I have the OLB version, which is almost the latest. In some of our bible classes, the teacher has us jumping from one end of the bible to the other end. I have trouble keeping up with him while using OLB.

    Our church uses the NASB as the primary version (default version) in preaching and bible study. Therefore, I would like to be able to select the NASB as my default bible version in OLB, once at the beginning of the session. However, it seems that OLB always reverts to AV when I go after a new scripture reference, so I have to waste time clicking on NASB each time I go to a new reference. Is there some way to overcome this?


    Go to favorites and highlight the book you want as the default pick. I have AV. You can also pick the versions you want to come up to pick to look through. If you don’t pick as a “choice” you can’t access them. But remember to keep highlighted the one you want as default when you save or leave that screen.



    After selecting your material be sure to click on the updates button at the bottom of the favourites panel.


    Ok, lets try this:
    1. Open OLB,
    2. Press F9.
    3. Click Favorites Tab,
    4. Click on Bibles Tab,
    5. Scroll down to NAS for the New American Standard Bible,
    6. Click on and highlight NAS,
    7. At the bottom of that window click on the Update button,
    8. Near the top of this window click the red ‘x’ to close these out.

    9. Press F6,
    10. Click on the SaveAs tab,
    11. Click on and highlight the Desktop that you want this change saved to,
    12. Click ok.

    Close out OLB, then reopen and the NAS tab should be the most prominent tab on the bottom row.
    David In Omaha.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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