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    Robert Jarvis

    With the newest update (5.41), all scripture copied to the clipboard puts brackets around italicized words. Is there any way of stopping that?



    Not here!

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    Robert Jarvis

    I’ve been using Online Bible for 25 years and have copied thousands of passages, and it just now started doing that.


    The brackets will display if the word processor is accepting the clipboard text as unformatted text. At one time you could specify which format to use. That option has now been combined into one so the OLB program now sends text out in both RTF and plain text to the clipboard. The text format that is used totally depends on the Word processor.

    OpenOffice (which we use) will let us select the formatted (RTF) or unformatted text under “Edit – Paste Special…” You did not say which word processor you are using so you will have to check it out yourself. See the attached screen shot using OpenOffice.

    Another thing, the formatted (RTF) font style and size can be changed by going to “Customize settings – fonts – printer font”.


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    And apparently he isn’t going to make known what word processor he is using. It must be a sensitive issue.


    Robert Jarvis

    I use MS Word. Why would that be a sensitive issue?

    Most of my copying and pasting of scripture comes from the search window. Now, it seems that either I paste with brackets or with the searched terms bold and underlined. So, either way I have to reformat most of my pasted text. It is so time consuming that I have looked at using other programs. I have used Online Bible for over 25 years, recommended it to many, bought multiple copies to give out in our Bible Institute, Church, etc. I appreciate so much what you have done over these years in providing a great product to so many. I just wish that aspect could have been left alone. I don’t mind the text being italicized, but why brackets? It is your call, and I sincerely respect that. Maybe there are many out there who like it better and that is great. I was just wondering in my original text if I could stop it from doing that.

    Thanks for your time and effort.



    Try the version 5.43 dated January 12th. Larry made some changes to the copy to clipboard feature. A number of users have requested that the option of being able to select RTF or plain text be put back.

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