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    Although I am a Windows user, this is to help those of you all that are using the Apple “i” products and android products. Sporadically or at times, on the Recent Topics page, you will notice that your posts become “hidden”. If you all want to view the posts on those products you should notice a field with the word ‘Month” above the posting area. Just click the down arrow then choose your option. I prefer the “All” option.
    I also might add: then in the upper right hand corner are your help and FAQ material.

    The purpose that I initially started this thread was to provide a way to discover on this site and this site only where the other threads are concerning information for “i” products and Android Apps. Although in other threads I have made mention where to find an help file for the Apps versions. ( ) upper right hand corner. I do not want to negate the work that has been done for and on the APPS but I caution concerning the cross links for they will lead you all to the European site for OLB for my loyalty is with the Canadian/American site. I find the European site confusing and not simple nor easy to navigate. And I was not aware that the European developers had a to do list! In order for us Windows users to test an APP on our PC I have not found a link that simplifies downloading the APP for PC. I can download some APPS and use them for I am using Google Chrome. This site here does offer a sampling of other languages to download and use with OLB….

    Reposting link the APP’s page by itself:


    Before all of the recent changes, I was the original author of this post. It is my intention to bring this post to a more current status.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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