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5 months 2 weeks ago - 5 months 2 weeks ago #1430 by marke
Using OLB version 5.10 (May 2016) on Windows 10 Pro version 1607.

I am struggling with the line breaks in the editor. Whether a new line is shown seems to be inconsistent. When looking in Notepad++ I can see the character [CR][LF] everywhere. I am looking at files which were created some time ago, but all are in (or converted to) UTF-8-BOM. In the OLB editor the files also look OK. However, when closing the editor and looking at the text, some line breaks have disappeared, and the text is shown in one long line. However, others do work. Sometimes it even varies when I change the file and then undo the change.
Any suggestions?
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5 months 2 weeks ago #1431 by †dajer™†
Now concerning Notepad++, for the [CR][LF]. In Notepad++ on its Toolbar, there is a backwards "P". The The Pilcrow (¶). Click or tap on this to enable or disable them.
Or, there is clicking or Tapping on:
The View Tab,
Show Symbols,
Show End of Line.
Right next to this to your left there is what looks like a reversed "S", This is the symbol for wordwraping. Here again click or tap on it to enable or disable wordwraping. Or,in the Menu Bar, click or tap on the View tab then click or tap on "Word Wrap".
Back to OLB, pressing F10 brings up the Editor, and I discovered that there ain't no Word Wrapping function. So, you'll have discover your own way of placing the cursor/insertion point at or near the far right, your right, edge of the editor window then "hit" enter in order to wrap the lines manually. Or, you could use the old Dos editing function of using the CTRL key with the left or right arrows to jump one word at a time left or right. Pressing and holding the CTRL key down along with the horizontal arrow keys, right or left, will cause the cursor to jump faster.


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5 months 1 week ago - 5 months 1 week ago #1432 by †dajer™†
I emailed Larry about this problem and he in a sense reminded me about one of his rules of thumb. Never be afraid to explore your right click options and depending on where you place the mouse arrow when you right click the pop up menu should offer different options.
So, place your mouse arrow in a blank space in the editor window then right click then select Wrap Editor Text or CTRL+W.

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