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NASB does not work in v5.50

I had been using v5.00 in which the NASB bible worked. After loading v5.50 it has disappeared. Even in the Activate locked material window the NAS or NAS95 is not an available locked material Bible even though the NAS and NASB files have been copied to the hard drive along with all the other bibles. The only item about the NASB that appears in the Activate Locked Material box is $Deluxe - NAS95 NIV NLT NRSV. If you click on this the Read and Buy Unlock Code tabs are greyed out. I am running the latest Windows 10 which was updated just last week.

If the NAS and NAS95 are not listed in the activate items list then they will both be unlocked or not installed.

First try resetting the program by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right. After it restarts open the favourites panel (F9) and select the Bibles tab.  Look for the NAS  and select it.

You should create a new desktop so you will not loose your settings when you update the program. The default desktop is loaded after updating.


This is to supplement what Mr. Martin has suggested in his answer to your query.

What I do is:

After having completely installed the latest update and OLB loads its DeskTop with the multiple windows:

  1.  Press F6.
  2.  Click on the Merge tab.
  3.  Highlight the name of YOUR DeskTop.
  4.  Then click ok.
  5.  What then is loaded is a combination of OLB's default DeskTop and yours.
  6.   Then according to your preferences as you have the windows tiled, with the close button (x) upper right hand corner. close the windows that you do not use according to that preference/tiling.

As Usual, clear as Mudd I dare say.