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Latest Update of OLB

Latest update (Sept 17,2019) will not open after it is downloaded.  I have Windows 10 and have tried in regular and safe mode.  Is anyone else having this problem?



Yes there is a very big problem here. Microsoft has had the history of making a feeble effort of making all of their software proprietary, meaning that only their software will run on their operating systems. Although you did not give us the exact explicit, step by step, blow by blow details in your attempt to open and install OLB, my guess/suspicion is that when you clicked to open OLB, a "purple" window with the Windows logo in the center appeared. That is Windows effort to take you all to their store, MSN store, to force us to buy their software and programs. Whenever this happens to me, I quickly close it with the closing "X" in the upper right hand corner. I have had this happen with other programs. It would indeed astound/amaze me that this "purple" window appeared in your attempt the install in "Safe Mode". You see, if you give us the exact details of what you did on your end, we then can try to duplicate what you did, we then can deduce the best solution for you.
And as a side bar: An "app" may be free but in order to secure a "PRO" version to use all of its features and functions, you have to buy the license to use those features and functions, and with the license an unlocking key. It is like shareware back in the day.
With all that being said, try this:

1. Right click on the program and click "Troubleshoot Compatibility",
2. After it cycles to "Select Troubleshooting Option",
3. Click on "Select Try Recommended settings",
4. "After Resolving Issues" cycles through.
5. In "Test Compatibility Settings for the Program",
6. Quickly Click on bothe "Test the Program" and the "Next" button.
7. Click on "Yes to save these options",
8. Then it will go to Troubleshooting completed
9. Click close.
10. You should then notice on the Task Bar that a Windows shield is blinking.
11. Click on it then when a window with a yellow upper half appears, lower left hand click on Yes.
12. The OLB installer should then appear then follow its prompts as normal, as usual.

David In Omaha.

Absolutely worked - thank you for your prompt response.



Sounds like Windows 10 in S mode. If Edge is the only browser you can use then it is using the "S mode" version.

Thank for your response.