Download Instructions

Click on the file name to start the download. If you are using Internet Explorer the window shown below should appear. Click on Save to continue.

dl image1

A window as shown below will open asking you where you want to place the file. Select “Desktop” so that when the download is finished the file will be easy to locate.

dl image2

Once the download has finished you will find an icon on your desktop as shown below. Close any applications that are running. Click on the icon on the desktop to start the installation.

A window as shown below should appear indicating the start of the installation. Click on the OK button to continue.

Use the above steps to download and install all material located on this site.

When installing any of the material the Online Bible program must NOT BE RUNNING. Please check before starting any installations.

After the installation is complete you should drag the downloaded file to the “Recycle Bin” to remove it from your desktop.